Case Studies

Case Study of seamless integration of SAP ERP with Oracle Fusion

PWC Pakistan ( also known as A.F. Ferguson & Co., is one of the leading public accounting, business advisory and corporate services firms in Pakistan. One division of PWC also provides software implementation services to its client. The software division requested Business Technologies tech team to develop a middle-tier application for their client, namely Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).

Case study of mobile (Android) and web (.Net) application development for Pharma Sale Reps

Moringa Moringa Pharmaceuticals is a recognized name in Pakistani pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, it’s also recognized for its dedicated team of highly specialized professionals, passion for innovation through R&D and quality healthcare products. Determined to always go beyond its reputation, the recent development of its new high-tech manufacturing and software management wings wings exaltation is a testimony of continuous efforts by the group to bring Moringa Pharmaceuticals in top pharmaceutical contenders list globally.

Case study of Hepatitis Clinic Automation

The manual handling at clinics leads to undue delays in attending patients and tons & tons of files with poor data recording, which ultimately results in loss of record and wastage of time. Thus with such high number of patients with Hepatitis C it was eminent to design an extremely efficient system that can handle large volume of data and complex clinical workflows.

Case study of hardware & software based solution for Water Shops Network

Pharmagen Healthcare limited is a public limited company which was set up in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Pharmagen Limited. In 2010 the prestigious Acumen Fund of USA partnered with PHL and is now an investee company of Acumen. Pharmagen Healthcare is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified and socially responsible health care company in Pakistan.

It is a strong addition to the Pharmagen Segments of companies focusing on providing a complete range of both curative and preventive healthcare facilities in particularly sub-urban / under privileged areas of Pakistan. Its aim is to improve the quality of life by providing quality medicines & quality drinking water to the rural population and low income groups of Pakistan.

Ooredoo LYFE – Wi-tribe

Wi-tribe is a Qatar-based internet services provider company operating in Qatar, Pakistan, Jordan and Philippines with its head office in Doha, Qatar. It is the second largest Internet Services Provider in Pakistan after PTCL. In every day social life, we need to manage our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn andimages, songs and documents that lay spread in our PC or mobile hard drives and memories respectively. Wi-tribe wanted to facilitate its customers by creating a desktop solution that would allow its customers to manage their social media accounts as well as document, images, songs from a single platform.

Case Study of leading global company specializing in assurance, tax and advisory services

Every industry and business has unique requirements and mobility is not one-size that fits all so the real challenge was to design the right enterprise mobility solution for real time order taking mechanism development, tightly coupled with existing Oracle Based ERP system. Another requirement was to harnesses the power of mobility, without compromising the existing system user experience, corporate data security and integrity.

Case study of BPO for an online service based company

The Challenge for the The Fresh Diet project was to streamline the business process for ERP and to make provisions as to improve the current implementation for performance optimization and build on that to cater for The Fresh Diet’s expansion for localization.

Case Study of Pharmacy Retail Chain

Pharmagen Healthcare limited, a leading Pharmacy Retail Chain operating in various cities and towns of Pakistan was struggling to operate. Managing huge volumes of data in terms of sale transactions, purchases and inventory was a real challenge for the organization. The other challenges included unwarranted losses due to shrinkage, wastage, poor inventory management and theft.

Case Study of Travel Portal Implementatin

Positive World Travel was a unique project. Our client loves travelling and wanted a platform where travelling experiences could be shared along with the ability to interact with people who are interested in travelling themselves.The client wanted a comprehensive web portal with extremely simple and elegant user interface design and up to date features but at the same time client wanted to keep the costs low and portrayal of this online entity as a large travel organization.Fundamentally speaking the portal needed a Magazine Style Design, needed to be SEO Friendly and scalable so that future upgrades were not a problem, the portal needed to be Dynamic so that it can be maintained by the owning company and Social Media Integration was also required to ensure maximum interaction with the masses.

Case Study of Mineral Water & Distribution Company

Company needed a state of the art CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software capable of not only managing wide-spread outlets massive transactional data and their respective sales but also for generating automated route plan for delivery management.The software was designed to generate analytical reports for easy decision making by the management team. The software provides the ability to analyze customers’ needs, their respective buying patterns, sale trends, customer segmenting and other important information which ultimately helps in identifying the potential customers, increase sales and improve product positioning in the market.

Case Study of Bulk Drug Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company

The ferocious global competition and increasing pressure of maintaining high quality standards made it obligatory to implement a state of art Enterprise Resource Planning and Process Automation system within the Pharmagen Limited. A custom implementation was required as company specializes in Bulk API manufacturing which within itself is a very specialized domain. The main challenge was to understand the manufacturing nitty gritties of this specific domain and develop a tailor-built system which enhances the organizational productivity and efficiency in all the company departments, especially for accounts & finance, sales, warehouse, production planning and production units. Another challenge during the project implementation was resistance to change & user training for all stake holders as IT systems implementation was new for the company.

The other challenges included Reduction in processing time delays, reduction in manual data processing errors, automation and synchronization of information flow between internal departments and provision of real time information to management to make informed decisions. Furthermore as an audited public company, the system also needed to allow for well-defined approval processes, separation of roles & duties, and user based security

Case Study of Oil & Gas Industry

Its a known fact that the Oil & Gas industry has always had an abundance of data. The vast majority of drilling sites host a variety of electronic data. Collection and translation of such humongous volumes of data into useful and comprehendible information with least possible lag time is always a challenge. This same challenge was faced by the OMV Tunisia.

Case Study of Non-Profit Organization

The Challenge was to provide HDRF with a robust solution which would allow them to collect their manual survey data conducted at remote locations to seamlessly link with a comprehensive online management system with the provision to provide graphical and statistical reporting for their senior management and project research team to evaluate the results of the surve.

Case Study of UK based Aviation Support & Equipment Company

Air & Ground outsourced its work to an offshore IT company to reduce cost and enhance operational efficiency but the service provider was not able to understand and deliver as per Air & Ground team's expectations. The main challenge was to develop the understanding of the existing code and user requirements but the project, at that time, had No formal documentation furthermore flawed spaghetti coding structure was used without any proper architecture, patterns or practices adaption thus making it extremely difficult to take over the technical aspect of the project. Redesign of User Interface for the entire application was another challenge. Business Technologies team redesigned the user experience for the application by introduction of new design and by also extending the existing GUI functionality thus making the application more user friendly and customizable for end-user needs. Other challenges included more visibility, more control, more efficiency, more savings and more consistent, predictable outcomes for the organization.